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Contributor Award Recipients

YearContributor Award
2021IJ Pinkham
2020Peter Webb
2019Roger Reed
2018Brenda Beckwith 
2017Gary Eckmann
2016 Rick Clark
2015Tony Hamlin
2014Ron Cote
2013John Bernard
2012Patricia and George Conant
2011Gerry Durgin
2010Bob Fallon
2009Paul Vachon
2008Kevin Jenkins
2007Gary Fifield
2006Skip Chappelle
2005Bob Whytock and Bill Fletcher
2004Harry "Pinky" True
2003Dwight Hunter
2002Ron and Shelly Brown
2001Delmont Merrill
2000Dick Meader
1999Frederick "Red" Barry
1998Cindy Blodgett
1997Robert Brown
1996Richard Whitmore
1995Tom Maines
1994Richard Costello
1993Harry "Pinky" True
1992Fern Masse
1991Al Card
1990Gerry Duffy
1989Stella McLean
1988Robert and Gertrude Butler
1987George Wentworth
1986Mike Direnzo
1985Bernard "Bunny" Paradis
1984Gene Hunter
1983Phil Harris
1982John Schmidlin
1981Bob Whytock
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