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Maine Association of Basketball Coaches

Article I – Name
Section 1. This organization shall be known as the Maine Association of Basketball
Coaches or the MABC.

Article II – Purpose
Section 1. The purpose of the organization shall be:
a) To help promote the development of basketball and to make necessary recommendations towards this end to the Maine Principals Association.
b) To encourage and recognize professional accomplishments through the sponsorship of achievement programs and awards. Awards in the form of certificates and plaques shall be symbolic in nature. Such awards shall be purchased from funds accumulated through the collection of annual membership dues.
c) To work for the betterment of youth by the sponsorship of games and activities where the abilities and talents of youths will be recognized.

Article III – General
Section 1. The business year shall be from October 1 to September 31.
Section 2. The principle office of this association shall be in the city where the
president resides.

Article IV – Membership

Section 1. There shall be three classes of memberships. The classes shall be
active, associate and patron.
Section 2. Active membership shall be restricted to any coach in Maine who is
actively involved in basketball coaching in grades seven through
twelve or an individual that has been elected to serve on the
Executive Committee.
Section 3. Association memberships shall be available to college level
coaches, basketball referees, radio and T.V. news media, retired
coaches at any level and other basketball related professionals.
Section 4. Patron memberships shall be available to non-basketball related
personnel who wish to show support for the Maine Association of
Basketball Coaches. The membership permits the patron to attend
association activities on the same basis as other members.
Section 5. Members of the Maine Association of Basketball Coaches
Association must be paid up members of the Maine High School Coaches Association. The Executive Committee shall determine membership dues for the MABC. The annual dues for all levels of memberships shall be fifteen dollars. The dues may be adjusted by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee effective in October.
Section 6. Only active members of the MABC will have “voting privileges”, can hold office, and have athletes who are eligible for awards or other recognition sponsored by the MABC.

Section 7. The registration period for membership shall be from May 1st to December 31st. The MABC will not accept Membership for that year after the registration period has expired.

Article V – Meetings
Section 1. There shall be two regularly scheduled meetings each year. They
shall be held in conjunction with the fall clinic and the East/West All-Star games or another date in the spring.
Section 2. The fall meeting shall be coordinated with a coaching clinic.
Section 3. Special meetings may be called by the President or on the
application of twelve members. A one-week notice shall be given
for such special meetings and members will be notified.
Section 4. Twenty members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Article VI – Executive Secretary
Section 1. The Executive Secretary shall be hired by the MABC to help the
Association carry out its business. A stipend of $500. per year will
be paid in two installments (October and March).

Article VII – Association Officers
Section 1. Elected officers of this Association shall serve for a two-year term.
They will take office the day after the spring meeting. They shall serve without pay.
Section 2. Elective positions shall be President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary,
Treasurer, and two representatives to the Basketball Commission.
Section 3. The President candidates shall be an officer in good standing.
Section 4. The President at the fall/spring shall conduct elections meeting.
Section 5. The Vice-Presidents, in the absence or inability of the President to
perform his/her duties, shall perform the duties normally assumed  by the President.
Section 6. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all business meetings. He/she
shall surrender the minutes of previous meetings, complete and up
to date, to the newly elected Secretary on or before October 1.
Section 7. The Treasurer shall collect fees and dues, place these in a selected depository, keep accurate records of all funds, dispense funds necessary for conducting association business, and render a full report to the Association once each business year at the spring meeting.
Section 8. Two coaches will be elected (one from the East and one from the
West) to represent the MABC at the Basketball Commissioners meetings.
Section 9. Elections of officers will take place at the fall meeting. A slate of officers (one per office) will be generated by the Executive Committee. They shall be elected by simple majority vote. In the event that nominations are made from the floor for any single office, that officer shall be elected separate from the slate by plurality vote.

Article VIII – Executive Committee

Section 1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, East and West Vice-Presidents, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the immediate Past President and the Executive Secretary.
Section 2. The Executive Committee shall meet for the purpose of finalizing plans for the fall clinic. The President shall have the authority to call special meetings of the committee. A minimum of one-week notice shall be given prior to any such meeting.

Article IX – Committees

Section 1. The President shall be empowered to appoint such special committees, as he deems necessary at any time, or on the majority vote of the members at any meeting. The President will report on standing committees.

Article X– Amendment

Section 1. This Constitution may be amended at the annual business meeting by a two-third vote; a quorum present, provided all members are notified at least seven days prior to the annual business meeting.