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Welcome to, the official site of the Maine Association of Basketball Coaches. This site is designed to be the communication mechanism that the Association and its membership can use to provide the best opportunities for Maine basketball players.

McDonald's Senior All-Star Voting Launched

The ballots for the 2018 McDonald’s All Star Voting have met final approval and the voting will begin today, January 17th. Head coaches will be getting an invitation to vote via email with a link to the online voting ballot. All instructions are included on the ballot. You will have one vote and must vote for 10 players; any more or fewer will not be accepted. Voting ends at midnight on Sunday, January 28th. If you do not receive an invitation to vote, please check your spam or junk mail before contacting George Conant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Notes from the NHSBCA

The National High School Basketball Coaches Association is very concerned with the current status of amateur/youth basketball in the United States and is taking the stand that varsity high school basketball coaches have the unique platform, opportunity and responsibility to be leaders, connectors and communicators in amateur basketball in the United States. The following two documents illustrate what they feel is the present status of youth/amateur basketball, and suggestions for coaches to take a leadership role to positively influence the youth basketball player.

 1. Youth Basketball Landscape in the U.S.

 2. Active Roles for Varsity High School Basketball Coaches

Regional Foul Shooting Championships January 7th

The Maine Association of Basketball Coaches has announced the sites and contact information for January 7, 2018 Foul Shooting Contest. The time is between 10:00 AM and 12:00PM at each site. Each school can send a male and female shooter. No need to sign up just have your shooter and rebounder go to the nearest site. Each participant gets 10 warm ups and then shoots 50 FT. The shooter with the highest total has to stay at their site until a winner is determined. The winners from each region will compete in the state foul shooting championship during the McDonald's All-Star weekend at 8:30 am on March 18, 2018. Good luck and we hope each team will take the time to send a representative. This is a great opportunity for the athletes to represent their schools!

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2017-18 Basketball Rules Clinic Video

The mandatory basketball coaches’ rules clinic is being conducted online again this year and is now posted. The online clinic must be addressed between November 20 and December 8. The school of any varsity head coach who fails to participate by December 8 will be fined $35.

All coaches, paid or volunteer, must meet all aspects of coaches’ eligibility prior to working with students. All coaches must participate in the online clinic in order to sit on the bench during the tournament. There will be make-up opportunities prior to the opening of the tournament. Athletic administrators will certify the viewing of the video by entering the school year (2017/2018) in the Video/Clinic field on the Winter Coaches’ Eligibility Roster that is due on December 8.

The 2017 clinic can be viewed here.