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2018 Basketball Commission Meeting

Tyler Tracy and Peter Murray attended the fall meeting of the basketball commission Wednesday morning at the MPA offices in Augusta. As per usual, reports were given by all the groups represented on the commission (ie. MABC, MIAAA, MSSA, MPA, and all 5 IABOO groups). Nothing earth shattering to report.

Basketball commissioner Peter Webb gave a report on the new rule changes and points of emphasis for the upcoming basketball season. Not much to report there either. 

This year marks the return of the face to face mandatory rules interpretation meetings with Peter Webb. This will be the case every 3rd year. The video will return for the next two seasons. The dates and locations for these meetings were sent out Wednesday morning to all athletic administrators in the state. Check with your AA if you have not received this information yet. 


As you might imagine, there are many issues that arise during the course of a basketball season. Tyler and I do the best we can relaying coaches’ concerns to the commission. However, it is problematic being the “middle-man” in these situations. The return of the face to face meetings offers an excellent opportunity for coaches to ask questions directly to the person who can answer them. I encourage coaches to come to your respective mandatory meetings with your questions in hand. I’ve made Mr. Webb aware that there may be questions for him on topics outside of the new rules. This may well be your best chance to get the answers you are looking for, so I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity.

It is always our goal to keep you up to date on anything newsworthy regarding basketball in the state. If you are not aware, Peter Webb is retiring from his position as commissioner after this season. Dick Durost is also retiring from his position as executive director of the MPA at the end of the school year. Some pretty significant changes are on the immediate horizon. The MPA is toying with some possible fundamental changes to the structure of their organization. 

Many people have long questioned why basketball has a commissioner, but not the other sports. At our meting, Mike Burnham (who is leading the MPA Advisory Committee)  spoke to us about the possibility of establishing a single position to coordinate the official groups for all sports. This would be an attempt to bring some sort of consistency to how all of the officials groups operate. Basketball, in many ways, is the standard bearer. This shift would not mean the end of the basketball commission or the position currently filled by Peter Webb. This would be in addition to what we already have in place. These discussions are very much in the “visionary” stage and nothing concrete has been decided. I will keep everyone posted on any developments.

FYI - the following is from the Constitution of the Maine Basketball Commission:

“Any time it is necessary to select a new Commissioner, the Maine Basketball Commission shall elect a new Commissioner from a list of not less than three (3) candidates submitted to it by the Interscholastic Management Committee of the MPA.”

The make-up of the Basketball Commission is also dictated by its constitution. 

In closing, I wish you all well on your upcoming season. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns at any time. The members of the MABC executive committee would be glad to help. I would also encourage you to visit our website ( A new “how to” guide for new coaches will be posted soon as well as information about McDonald’s All-Star Weekend. 

E-mail is our primary method of communication in the MABC. Please get your e-mail address to George Conant asap so you can receive all relevant e-mails. 

A final request - veteran coaches please look out for an new coaches within your league. Make them aware of their responsibilities with the MABC and who they can contact if they have any questions. All contact information is on our website by clicking here.